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`Green Lights`  final Project | 5th year | advisor: Prof. Arch Moti Bodek

The neighborhoods on the Northern bank of the Yarkon river, where 24% of Tel Aviv-Yafo residents live, are in high demand for maintaining Suburban tranquility within the largest city in the metropoles. Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is strongly promoting urbanist development trends; The physical-spatial differences, as well as the socio-cultural ones, reveal the incompatibility of the same development strategies to those “North Bank” neighborhoods, basing on the analysis and development of Pinchas Rosen Street, which crosses the north-eastern district. The projects suggest developing strategies compatible for such neighborhoods, which will be call Sub-Urban, dealing with the similar futural issues the urbanism refers to: Population density, pollution alongside technological progress. The main ideology used to apply these ideas is Urban agriculture, which deals with the potential for the integration of agricultural developments and their integration into the urban system, with the aim of maintaining humane, productive and aesthetic complexes.

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